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We provide machinery to make concrete, mortar and other product applications efficient and effective.

We help construction contractors thrive and grow by maximizing their productivity, efficiency and profitability.

At Procretech we help you find the innovative and reliable equipment that is the solution for your projects.

Our mission is to help construction contractors increase their margins and become more relevant players in the supply chain by providing them with a portfolio of best-in-class equipment, superior customer service and expert assistance.



+60 years of experience

Specialists in supplying machinery and admixtures to contractors in the concrete industry.

Our purpose is to support contractors in the construction industry to succeed and make a positive impact in their communities by supplying tools, machines and equipment solutions according to their needs.

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The search for a new machine, tools or spare parts is filled with high expectations. No doubt that has a lot to do with the machine you are considering.
We have a wealth of experience that will give you confidence in our products. We want you to choose the best !


Expert Service

To guide you in acquiring the machine you need for a specific job. We are ready to answer your questions and concerns.

Experience behind us

We have a great experience that will give you confidence in our products.

Extended Warranty

Direct manufacturer's warranty extended by us.

We have participated in numerous successful projects, providing quality machinery and efficient solutions.

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Applications and Solutions with our equipment

With our equipment contractors in the construction industry maximize productivity, efficiency and profitability in their projects.

Pipelines and tunnels
Wind energy
Grading and sloping

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