Gypsum and cement based plastering machine Mortel Meister MM55L


Dry Plaster Coating Mixing Machine

The meticulously crafted MÖRTEL MEISTER 55 plaster machine, which we produce with careful attention to the smallest details, has been designed with every consideration and precaution to enable the operator to handle it safely and efficiently for long-term use, transportation, maintenance, and cleaning.

General Info

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12 Months

Machinery classification

Pump Performance


6-55 liters per minute (min.)

Pumping Pressure


Average of 30 bar

Delivery Distance


Up to 50 meters

Power Supply


380 V 50 Hz

Pump Motor


5.5 KW 400 rpm

Compressor Capacity


200 liters per minute (min.)

Required Water Pressure


2.5 bar (during operation)

Dimensions L/W/H


1055 / 720 / 1550 mm

Total Weight


250 kg

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