Mobile Cellular Concrete Plant
without Sand


Mobile Cellular Concrete Plant without Sand

Practicality and simplicity are the hallmarks of the IBP-08 system, the machine for cellular concrete subfloors. Compact and functional due to its reduced weight (approximately 950 kg) and the ring positioned at the center of gravity, IBP-08 is synonymous with practicality for use. It can be easily lifted from two sides with a crane, forklift, or hooks, making it the perfect system for direct on-site use.

The tank’s position is calculated to eliminate any startup problems, while timed water inflow allows for precise regulation of the amount in each mixture. The machine for cellular concrete subfloors, IBP-08, can also be equipped with 70 meters of additional tubing and a compressor.

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12 Months

Machinery classification

Water Capacity 300 liters
Foam Agent Capacity 200 liters
Tube Set 70 meters
Production 7 – 10 m³/hour
Transmission Endless screw pump
Piston Compressor 4 hp
Tank Capacity 200 liters
Control Remote control keypad

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