Transfer machine Final Tier 4 Mortel Meister DT18 Stage V
Mortar, plaster and stucco transfer
Morter Meister DT18 Stage V


Powered with a 4 cylinder Stage V (EPA conform) engine, Mörtel Meister DT18V is a high performance compact mortar pump that can handle precise shotcrete jobs as well self levelling flooring compounds pourings. A towable light well pump encompassing the new trend in construction machinery with remote control and flow adjustment features.


√ As concrete pump to 12 mm

√ Flowscreed

√ Shotcrete

General Info

SKU | Reference


MMDT18 Stage V


12 Months

Machinery classification

Machinery Type


Type of Solution



4-Cylinder Kubota 37 KW

Pump  Type 


Worm Pump 2L75

Pump Pressure


20 bar

Max. Aggregates


Max. 12 mm

Dimensions L/W/H


3700 / 1550 / 1200 mm

Standard Weight


780/850 kg.

Transfer Range


Vertical 295 ft (90 m) – Horizontal 590 ft (180 m)

Loading Height 


1000 mm

Spiral Type



Delivery rate Theoritic


0-20 cu yd/h (0-15 m3/h)

Vessel Capacity


220 litros

Drawbar and Axle


Adjustable drawbar and braked axle

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