Procretech stands out at LAMSTT fair on trenchless technology in Cartagena city

At the recent LAMSTT trade fair in Cartagena, Procretech has established itself as a leader in the field of trenchless technology by presenting its wide range of innovative machinery. The company has captured the attention of attendees with its lines of specialized equipment for low-density mortars with Isoltech and high-density mortars with Mortel Meister.

With more than 50 projects of experience in the field of trenchless construction solutions, Procretech has established itself as a benchmark in the sector. During the fair, visitors had the opportunity to learn first-hand about the latest technology in annular backfill mortars, which allows for more efficient and environmentally friendly execution.

The line of machinery for low-density mortars with Isoltech technology has generated great interest due to its fluidity and its ability to provide high quality insulation. These mortars, applied by Isoltech pumps, offer effective solutions for pipe rehabilitation, avoiding excavations and minimizing costs and construction time.

On the other hand, Mortel Meister high-density mortar kits have attracted the attention of industry professionals. These products offer exceptional strength and extended durability, making them an ideal choice for applications requiring high structural performance, such as the repair of concrete structures and the construction of critical infrastructure.

During the show, the Procretech team also provided personalized advice to visitors, sharing their experience and expertise in the field of trenchless technology. Construction professionals, engineers and local government representatives showed great interest in the solutions presented, recognizing Procretech’s potential to revolutionize the way infrastructure works are carried out.

With its outstanding participation in the LAMSTT Cartagena Fair, Procretech has reaffirmed its commitment to innovation and the development of sustainable technologies in the construction field. Its focus on trenchless solutions has proven to be an effective and efficient alternative, paving the way for a more environmentally friendly future in the construction sector.

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