Fixed Cellular Block Plant


Fixed Cellular Block Plant

The IBS-08 cellular concrete machine is a medium-sized system with manual loading that can be automated. IBS-08 is designed for the production of medium-density cellular concrete blocks and is ideal for manufacturing cellular concrete blocks, with a production capacity of 7-10 m³ per hour.

IBS-08 has a capacity of 950 liters and is equipped with a horizontal shaft mixer, a foam generator, a tempered water pump for a constant supply, an additional 300-liter tank, an electrical panel, and a 4HP air compressor. The foam, produced by the specific generator, is transferred through the mixer’s pipes, where it is mixed with the concrete mix. The mixed concrete is then conveyed to a mold via a discharge tube or a pump.

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12 Months

Machinery classification

Mixer 4.0 kW
Feeding Pump 11 kW
Water Pump 1.1 kW
Foam Pump 0.75 kW
Power Supply Voltage 380 V Three-Phase or as requested by the customer

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